100: BL'AST!

100 Posts deep here since I started this blog.

Speaking of, I started this on March 17th. of this year (2020) - the day that California enacted the Shelter-In-Place order.

I figured I was gonna need a new (revive an old) hobby, so here it is. We are now 11 months into this (fucking bullshit) pandemic, & today marks the start of the second Shelter-in-Place order, so how's that for (shitty) timing.

It's gonna be a dismal December in a hell that could have been prevented (had it been addressed properly), so let's just do our best to get through this.

Music is the answer.

It's always there when you need it.

It comes in a million flavors, & you should enjoy  a plethora of those flavors at any given time throughout the day for maximum effect.

Music enhances, satiates, hypes you up, mellows you out - all that stuff. It's the best / cheapest "drug" out there.

There's no rules, either - unless you wanna be that Douche Lord who subscribes to what the "Scene Police" deem cool / not cool.

FUCK THOSE DUDES! Listen to what YOU want to listen to!

Always. End of rant.

Enjoy this mega-collection of everything I have in my Bl'ast! collection.

Clifford is the OG Homie, & one of the nicest fuckin' dudes you'll ever meet. The man has BEEN THERE, & this band should be appreciated hella more than they are.

And you don't need Dave Grohl to tell you that (you don't need Dave Grohl to tell you anything, honestly).

Hang in there & STAY UP!


(you get the full clip)

Rad Gig / Flyer Archive.

BL'AST! 1987 - 2001: A Punk Rock Documentary Music Video

LIVE: 07.02.2014 Viper Room, Wien/Landstrasse, Vienna, Austria

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