This is one of those bands that is a pretty obscure find, so when I go back & research them, I find, like, 2 small crappy photos - (I fucking love when this shit happens) - & maybe some poorly-shot-on-primitve-gear footage from a low-attendance gig in a small town rental hall.
Now I end up staring in wonder at said half-assed photo / glitched-out footage; I now have visual of the band that made that fucking gnarly badass racket that brought me this far, & I smile even harder when it hits... This infectious abrasive caterwaul was spewed forth via a bunch of awkward / pimply / lumpy confused kids & not that  "coven of gnar dark & evil dudes" that was envisioned. I fucking love when that shit happens...

UPDATE: So yeah it's been nearly two weeks since I posted. The world has been busy being messy - such is life under Covid / The End Days of the Trump Administration. I've been busy working on / in my art studio & just generally trying to keep my mental game on point as much as I can. Hope you guys are well, too. All 4 of you, ha ha.


(you get the full clip)

Six Minutes of YouTube Gold / Fame.

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