106:Peter & the Test Tube Babies - "The Mating Sounds of South American Frogs" (1983).

Time to throw (all three of you) for a fuckin' loop.
About as unique-sounding a punk record for the era / scene at the time; their one bright & shining moment (just my opinion), & a record that I can pretty much enjoy listening to any day / on the daily. Great guitar & bass interplay on this one.


Peter's Comments.

This blog gets updated when I'm feeling it.
Lately my distractions have been elsewhere (my painting / illustration / bike riding, ha).
Just so all three of you know that.

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  1. I'm one of the three...
    Good to see you back on the webs. You've created a unique and rather fun format for this go-around. I'm just not sure how many people know you're here. I just found you in the past 2-3 weeks.
    Enjoying what you're putting out.


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