107: LASH OUT.

Nineties Norwegian tuff guy-ish / youth crew-ish / chugga-chugga hardcore.
They did it way better than 96% of those corny "rich / entitled white boy" East Coast / Ivy League bands that got more famous for this type of hardcore - fight me - you're wrong.


(you get the full clip)

This is the last post.
I started this blog one year ago when Covid Lockdown hit, and after one year of working hard on creating a unique experience w/ solid / slightly obscure content again, (seven years since my last blog - which was super-interactive both ways), I'm calling it quits.
I'm more focused on my art / painting these days, so my interest in posting is waning.
Gonna roll with that.
Grab what you want, while you can.
You literally have days.

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